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Sunrise and the Songwriter

Ah, the life of a songwriter and flailing musician.

It’s six in the morning and I’m already on my second cup of coffee and the studio equipment is already warmed up and running. I’ve been working on a piece for a couple of days now but I’ve reached an impasse. Usually, I just allow these things to resolve themselves.

I’m what I call a ‘passive’ songwriter. After years of trying, I just quit. Then the tap really opened. The thing is, the songs seem to come either when I’m right in the middle of dinner (I love to cook) or when I’m showering (really) or, last but not in the least, when I’m asleep.

I wonder how many of my musical contemporaries are with me on all of this.

It wasn’t like this when I was younger, of course. I was led to believe that the life of a real musician (he says, tongue placed firmly in cheek) was one of ten in the evening until four in the morning, and I whole-heartedly tried to fulfill the role. That is, until I realised that one could not hold down a day job and ‘be a musician’ at the same time. Luckily, I wised up before I killed myself.

It was the first of many of my preconceived notions destined to fall to the wayside with a sickening crash. Another was how the ‘bidness’ was ultimately going to turn out for me. Fame and fortune are weird words. We think of them strictly as representing an abundance of  money, friends and a huge improvement in lifestyle whether know it or not. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. I suppose one could say that they both finally found me in a place I never dreamed I’d be: Right here. Right now.

Suddenly, something tells me that this is the title of someone’s album.. and suddenly it means something completely different to me.

I used to write like a monkey: ‘Okay, I’m sitting down now with my pencil and spiral notebook, my guitar, a bowl of stash and some Jack and water. When I get up, I will have a song written.’

I was well meaning. Sometimes it even worked. Most times though..well, you know.

I had the wrong idea. I thought that I could make the Muse come. I thought that I was the writer. I thought that I was the master.

Clearly, I had a lot to learn.

So now here I sit, abandoned in mid-session by the Muse.

I don’t fill in the blanks.

I await her certain return.

Johnny Nowhere is a person who refers to himself as a songwriter rather than ‘The Puppet Of The Muse’ in order not to confuse or induce panic…and to avoid arrest.


About Johnny Nowhere

Johnny Nowhere is a songwriter/composer and owner of Hell Paving Company, music publisher. Johnny doesn't really exist outside of the music industry and Facebook. He is simply a figment of my imagination.

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